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Paradoxically, as much as we want love, we also fear it. Fear of not being loved is the greatest reason we don’t find love and sabotage it in our relationships. In other words, we can create our worst fear by trying to avoid it. To people who pursue love but attract distancers, this may sound ridiculous. We’d all like to blame our partner ... Love Notes 3.0 Sexual Risk Avoidance Adaptation Evidence-Based Program addresses these issues by building skills and knowledge for healthy relationships of all kinds: romantic, friendship, family, school, and work in the context of the Healthy Youth Act of 2017 that set the stage for SRA funding.In 13 lessons, youth learn more about themselves ... Oct 30, 2012 · So I would love to know if a poor diet is something that others Avoidants have. If that is the case that having a poor diet is a cause or contributing factor for this problem, then simply improving ones diet or taking good quality vitamins like Advocare might solve, or at least help.